A delightful dining experience

The Starters

My meal started with the Local Catch Crudo. The freshness of this fish was extraordinary! The dish was prepared with miso, fresh mango, and a touch of sesame chili oil that gave it a slightly spicy and completely unique flavor. Next came the Grilled Collard Greens Salad. My expectations with salad are usually average, as usually there is not much to them. This was absolutely not the case, in fact this mixed greens salad is dressed with a tamarind vinaigrette that is very rich in flavor. Then, Starfruit and cellar aged cheddar are added into the mix, both flavors that contrast and complement the dressing.

The Mains

Next up was the Pappardelle with Duck Ragu. The pasta is fresh and homemade, cooked to perfection and then mixed with carefully braised duck, san marzano tomatoes, and fresh grated parmesan cheese! This is a dish I would definitely recommend to pasta lovers that are looking for new flavors to try. Following this dish was the Local Daily Catch, this one was drenched in coconut-curry broth, farro, and fresh avocado. Cilantro is also added to give it a slight twist of freshness, very delicious! Proceeding this came the Organic Chicken Ficasse. Its bold and bright red color is definitely eye-catching! It is served with oven roasted vegetables and peas. The Majadra Rice came next and was one of my personal favorites. Topped with a mix of oyster mushrooms, lentils, touch of yogurt, and anisette raisins, it was an absolute explosion of flavor in my mouth.

The Desserts

I must say that by this time I was pretty full, but then the waiter came by and asked if there was still room for dessert… I mean, don’t we have a second stomach designated just for these guilty pleasures? The first one I tried was the house Tres Leches. This sweet dessert is served with guava sorbet that contrasts and pairs perfectly with the moist cake. It is then topped with creamy ricotta foam, and milk meringue, all accompanied with globs of guava paste. If you are a Tres Leches lover, this one will definitely float your boat. The second dessert I tried was the Yogurt Panna Cotta. This is dessert I would recommend for those who enjoy a fresher style of dessert. It is served with refreshing cucumber sorbet, and sesame seed streusel. Very tasty as well!

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