Welcome to The Succulent Bite! First and foremost, thank you for being here, your hunger and passion for food thrill me. My name is Nico Norena , founder and creator of The Succulent Bite and most definitely a foodie just like you! . What started as a passion for food and photos, soon progressed to a social media marketing company that works to take the most succulent bites from Miami and travel directly to you! We work with global food and drink brands as well as local and chain restaurants to create mouthwatering advertising and promotional campaigns across our channels.

My passion for eating began when I was about 3 months old (or so I have been told), and the one for photography when I received my first film camera at the age of 4. “So why is this important?” you might be asking yourselves… Well, a couple of years ago I had the world-famous “aha!” moment and realized that it was time to combine my passions and share them with the world. I want to create a spot where people who appreciate delicious food, great atmospheres, and who love to spend time kneading unforgettable moments (hence the slogan “A Story in Every Bite”), can find trendy spots to indulge on their favorite delicacies. This is how The Succulent Bite was born, and what it is all about! I provide a guide of the restaurants where I have had delightful experiences and offer the perspective from one fellow hungry foodie to another. You might notice that I keep all my reviews positive and exciting. The reason for this is that I believe that eating is all about good times and succulent bites so I share with you, my favorite ones!

Now I invite you to accompany me in this mouthwatering experience of flavors and stories. Get ready to indulge through a repertoire of photos and videos of the tastiest foods!