The food is phenomenal and the desserts are absolutely extraordinary

The Ceviches

Dinner kicked-off with an assortment of unique ceviches. The first was the Ceviche de Salmon, and was one of my favorites! This ceviche is salmon based (as the name states), but it has a sweet twist to it, as it is drenched in a spectacular passion fruit sauce, mixed with scallions and sweet mango. Definitely a must for those passion fruit lovers. Next up was the Vuelve a la Vida Ceviche. This one is a mix of fresh calamari, mussels, octopus, and shrimp. It is all perfectly bathed in a Vuelve a la Vida sauce, and served with bits of to stones (thin, deep fried plantain slices). To continue, I had the Ceviche de Corvina. This one is marinated in fresh “Leche de Tigre”, sliced red onions, choclo (corn), and cancha (toasted corn), and sweet potato puree. Lastly I tried the Ceviche “Bocas House”. This one was also made with corvina and “Leche de Tigre”, the twist here is that it also has crispy fried calamari, which gives it a whole new delicious flavor mix.

The Mains

Following the freshness of the ceviche I jumped to the creaminess of Yellow Pepper Mac & Cheese. This one was extra cheesy and served piping hot, topped with crunchy bacon bits that made it quite tasty. The Pulpo al Grill was next, and boy was it good. It consists of chopped bits of Spanish octopus, marinated with Peruvian Aji Panca, and served with golden potatoes and salsa criolla… An explosion of flavors! Next came the Arroz al Wok Bocas House, consisting of wok-seared rice with beef tenderloin, ripe plantain chunks and fresh vegetables, all topped with a perfectly poached egg and served in a hot iron skillet. (Tip: slice open the poached egg immediately and mix it in with the rice, it’s simply phenomenal!). Last but most definitely not least I tried the juicy, tender, and gigantic Tomahawk steak. 100% grass-fed, this steak is one that you will want to eat to the bone. Served with chorizo, two mini blood sausages, a bowl of creamy pasta, and crispy French fries. This one is for the meat lovers!

The Milkshakes

Yes, I agree, dessert time is the best time, and this is something that holds particularly true here at Bocas House. The first and in my opinion most delicious milkshake I tried was the Nutella Milkshake. Apart from the fact that I am a devoted Nutella lover, this shake is the perfect treat. It starts with a base of creamy Nutella shake, and is topped with a warm brownie slice, drizzled with more Nutella, and topped with a giant Vanilla ice cream scoop. Now, I understand that there are two types of people, the team Nutella and team Caramel. If you are of the second kind, then the Cocada Milkshake is for you! This one is has a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream, coconut shavings, a sweet Cocada dessert slice, and of course a lot of gooey Dulce de Leche.

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