From Colombia to Miami

Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos brings his innovative cuisine to Miami’s Brickell. The experience is quite interesting, as the entire concept of the meal is based on having your sight, taste and smell involved. Chef Juanma (popularly known by this name) achieves this by creating beautiful presentations, bringing back the aromas of Colombia and encouraging you to have a (literally) finger-licking experience with certain dishes. Want to see some action? Check out the video! The meal includes a variety of dishes to take you on a culinary journey. Below you will find some of the menu items we tasted during the experience.

  1. Aguardiencello
  2. Chocotherapy
  3. Carrot Soup & Guava
  4. Tree of Life (Crumbly yucca bread)
  5. Apple Pappardelle
  6. Seasoned Chicken & Rice
  7. Chocolate Texture Cake

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