I partnered up with On The Border Mexican Grill to have a delicious experience at one of their locations. I kicked-off my meal with the signature Firecracker Stuffed Jalapeños. These fried bites are filled with melted cheese and chicken, then served with a side of queso for dipping! To cool off from the heat, I ordered a spicy skinny margarita (skinny because with all this eating at least one item had to be lower in calories!). By the time I was a few sips into it, the Grande Fajita Nachos Arrived. These are basically large corn chips topped with refried beans, fajita steak & chicken, all topped with a melted cheese mix; quite the bite!

The feast continued with sizzling steak & chicken fajitas served with vegetables as well as sides of rice, refried beans and traditional style beans. Combining all of these makes perfect bites of hot goodness, all which you can wrap yourself in the corn tortillas provided to build your taco! And speaking of tacos, the last main dish was three street style steak tacos. They use house seasoning and juicy steak for this creation which they later mix with melted cheese. Make sure to dip them in the side of roasted chile salsa for the extra flavor!

If you have seen my Instagram page at all you will know that I am the biggest sweets fan. With that being said, it was time for the best part of the meal… dessert! On The Border has three delicious desserts to choose from (or by all means, choose them all!). I went with the Border Brownie Sundae. This rich brownie is packed with chocolate and walnuts, has hints of caramel, and is topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. For the chocolate lovers, this is an absolute must! Gooeyness in every bite.

Make your reservation here, or view the map below to get there!

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